Warranty & Guarantee

Warranty & Guarantee

Why That Should Matter to You

When we founded Complete Roofing Systems, we knew that for us to accomplish our goals, we needed to have core values that put the customer first. Part of those values is doing things the right way in every aspect of business.

That's why when you hire CRS, you can rest assured we have the proper credentials, insurance and licensing to service your roofing needs.

When You Hire a Roofing Company

Before committing to a Columbia roofing company, you should always request a copy of their license and a current certificate of insurance—that way if something goes wrong, you know you're dealing with a reputable roofer that will stand behind their work.

Make sure all documentation provided is up to date. Then, check the insurance certificate to ensure they're covered for both worker's compensation and general liability. The state license and worker's compensation is required by South Carolina state law. General Liability is not required but protects you if something goes wrong or an accident occurs.

Workmanship Warranty

Complete Roofing Systems guarantees 100% of our installation workmanship for 7 years.

This is in addition to the standard manufacturer’s warranty for the materials installed. If there is a problem with any aspect of the labor portion of the installation, Complete Roofing Systems will repair the problem at no cost to the homeowner.

This warranty covers workmanship and installation by Complete Roofing Systems only. If any roof work is done by anyone other than Complete Roofing Systems during the warranty period, the CRS workmanship warranty becomes void.

1st Class Cleanup Guarantee

The last impression the customer has is the cleanup after a job is complete, therefore the cleanup after the roofing job is an extremely important aspect to the overall customer experience we provide— it is something we take great pride in.

We want you to say nice things about us to your friends and neighbors and leaving a clean yard is one of our core principles. So, once the job is complete, we want your new roof to be the focus.

Roofing Dislaimers

Drywall, Popcorn Ceilings & Plaster Walls and Ceilings
Since the roofing process does cause vibration of the roof structure, the homeowner may experience cracks in the drywall or loss of bits of “popcorn” in the ceiling. Existing cracks in drywall and plaster ceilings and walls may worsen. CRS cannot be held liable for these conditions.

Damage to shrubbery, plants & trees
Every effort will be made to protect shrubbery, plants and trees. We will cover bushes and shrubbery with tarps to help protect them but CRS cannot guarantee there will be no damage to plants. There is usually very little or no damage to plants during most roofing jobs, but some damage may occur.

Satellite positioning
If you have a satellite dish on your roof, we must remove it to install new shingles. We mark the exact spot and replace it when the new roof is complete. About 90% of the time, the satellite reception works perfectly when the roofing job is complete, however, CRS cannot guarantee reception. Most satellite television providers charge around $75.00 for satellite dish calibration. CRS is not responsible for this charge.

Roof Access
In some situations, access to your roof by dump trailers and other equipment on paved services may not be possible. Shingles are very heavy and when loaded in wheeled vehicles can cause depressed ruts in the ground especially on damp, wet soil. CRS will make every effort to keep this from occurring and to a minimum but cannot be held responsible if damage occurs.