The Day of the Job: What You Can Expect

The Day of the Job:
What You Can Expect


Your Complete Roofing Systems (CRS) team will arrive on the agreed upon scheduled day to install your new roof at 7:30am sharp.


The person you met in your initial roofing consultation appointment with CRS will also arrive at 7:30am to introduce you to the job foreman for your new roof.


This will be the best time to discuss any concerns you may have and relocated planted ports, patio decor, furniture, and move vehicles or any other objects out of the way to avoid damage.


Our expert roofing team will protect all shrubbery, flowerbeds and decking with tarps.


If your items in the attic need to be protected from dust and debris, our foreman will be happy to cover those items with plastics tarps upon your request.


Your roof replacement will begin as soon as all of these tasks are completed and your property is protected!


We will remove all original shingles and load all debris in our dump trailers for removal from your property—we will not leave a mess!


We will remove all previous flashing material.


Next, we will inspect the wooden roof deck. Any rotten or broken wood will be replaced at this time. The foreman will take photographs of all damaged or rotten areas on the roof so you can see exactly what needs to be replaced.


After completing inspection and wood repair, we will then install new felt paper on the entire roof.


Chalks lines will then be popped on the roof to make sure we have straight shingle lines and proper shingle exposures.


Shingles are installed beginning at the bottom of the roof and we will work our way up to the ridge.


Color coordinated flashing are installed during the shingle process.


The ridge vent and ridge caps are the final phase of the new roof installation from Complete Roofing Systems.


Upon completion of your new roof installation, we will make sure the roof is clean and the gutters and grounds are cleaned so there is no evidence of our presence on site, other than your beautiful new roof.

Your original roof consultant will meet with you and walk around the house for a scheduled final inspection of your new roof. When you are 100% satisfied with our service, we will present you with the final invoice.

The final invoice will be EXACTLY what you were quoted originally with a few exceptions. 1) Bad plywood that was replaced during roof installation. 2) Rotten or broken boards that were replaced. 3) Extra Shingle Layers that were discovered and removed during removal process.

All new roofs look a bit bumpy upon initial installation. Shingles are pliable though, and those bumps will gradually decrease and settle. Within a few weeks they will completely disappear. The warmer the weather, the quicker that process goes.

You may notice a decent amount of loose granules in the gutters, downspouts, driveways, and sidewalks after installation and after rain. This is completely normal and will subside after 2 or 3 heavy rains washes loose granules away. We look forward to serving you!

Complete Roofing Inspection

We take time to work with our homeowners and educate them on all aspects of roofing details. If you’re ready to experience a total customer experience in roofing, contact us today.