Master Rib Panel

Master Rib Panel

Roof System Master Rib Panel

A MasterRib Roof System from Smith Built is a visually appealing, durable, and energy efficient choice for your roofing or building project. MasterRib (sometimes referred to as Ag Panel) is the most common profile in use for residential roofing, small commercial projects, pole barns, and agricultural applications. Each panel covers 36” of roof width and can be made in any length that your project requires.

Available in 29 and 26 gauge Sheets lap together easily Anti-siphon groove
Panel Profile

MasterRib roofing panels have trapezoidal major ribs spaced on 9” centers. The panels are typically installed on top of 1”x 4” wood furring strips, often with a material or insulation layer under the panels. The panels (and associated trim) are secured with the highest quality color matched fasteners.

CoverageMinimum SlopeRib HeightGaugesLength
3' to 60' 1/12 3/4” on 9”
26 and 29 3' to 60'
Available Colors

We stock MasterRib panels in 20 different colors. The life expectancy of a MasterRib Panel is well beyond the warranty period.

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